urban slackline

about urbanslackline.de

First things first: These pages are non-commercial and not affiliated with Gibbon Slacklines - even though there is a lot of gibbon inside!

so, what is a slackline anyway?

Well, the photos should point that out :-) If you are curious beyond that, have a look at wikipedia (in german or in english and don't miss the link section.)

... and what about that urban thing?

Basically, it's still slacklining, but usually lacking the part with the trees. While we still have lots of trees and parks in Stuttgart, we once started to set up our slacklines right in the city: Underground stations, shopping malls, traffic lights ... We think it is fun to make use of the given environment and in the city, this usually means concrete and metal. However, you still can find many trees on this site!

In case you ever stumbled upon the term "flashslacking" or something similiar, that's almost the same: Set up a line in a (crowded) place, do some moves and then proceed to the next spot. No damage, no annoyance, no dirt!

why the photos?

I wanted to share them :-)

technical stuff

All the pages and photos were created with the help of the following tools:

  • The Gimp for some image manipulation
  • Python for automation stuff
  • SciTE for hacking
  • Picasa to store my images
  • Lightbox 2 to make it look good
  • YAML to have a nice acronym and a flexible and easy-to-use HTML framework
  • IrfanView to nicely frame all the images and add the logo

The urbanslackline.de logo is made with the cool font "shortcut" from misprintedtype.com.

commercial use of images found on urbanslackline.de

I am happy if you are interested in printing or otherwise publishing any of the pictures found here and I will offer you high resolution images if needed.

You are not allowed to use any of the images found on urbanslackline.de without my explicit permission (which I usually will happily grant if you write me a mail.)

If you publish any of the images, make sure that some reference to www.urbanslackline.de is clearly visible (that usually is the case if you didn't modify the image. Which you are not allowed to without my permission ;-)

non-commercial use of images found on urbanslackline.de

Feel free to use any image found on urbanslackline.de for whatever you are up to - as long as it has to do with slacklines and is not illegal. I'll be happy to get a mail from you and see where my photos are used.